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Watch Keynote: Platformized Approach to Engineering

Watch an insightful session from the last Serverless Architecture Conference in London

May 28, 2024

This talk stresses how Platform Engineering promotes organizational sustainability by addressing short-term gains' pitfalls. Through DevOps principles, robust support systems, and standardized architectures, it enables faster delivery and empowers engineers. The case study illustrates its tangible benefits for organizations.

Lesley Cordero, Staff Software Engineer at The New York Times, presented a keynote during our latest Serverless Architecture Conference London 2023, highlighting the pivotal role of Platform Engineering in driving organizational sustainability. Here’s a few of her insights:

  1. DevOps Principles: Cordero stressed the importance of DevOps principles in fostering collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement. By aligning teams and processes, organizations can reduce technical debt and enhance efficiency.
  2. Support Structures: Robust support mechanisms are crucial for seamless platform adoption. Effective support structures empower teams to innovate confidently and accelerate delivery timelines.
  3. Platform Architecture: Cordero discussed the significance of standardized architecture in enabling product engineers. Clear guidelines and principles lay the groundwork for innovation and productivity.

Watch the full keynote below to explore actionable strategies for driving organizational sustainability through Platform Engineering. Embrace these principles to navigate today’s tech landscape with resilience and foresight.

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