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Top 5 reasons to attend Serverless Architecture Conference

Aug 7, 2019

So you’ve decided to attend Serverless Architecture Conference but you don’t know how to break it to your boss that it is a win-win situation. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow four simple steps and use these 5 arguments to show why your organization needs to invest in Serverless Architecture Conference!

Let your boss know why you want to go to Serverless Architecture Conference

Tell him the Serverless Architecture Conference will be held together with API Conference. In total there are over 45 sessions, workshops and keynotes addressing actual trends and best practices which will be presented by more than 40 international speakers and industry experts.

Tell your boss to take a look at the conference tracks to have a better idea of what this conference is all about.


Tell him what’s in it for him

You have the chance to gain key knowledge and skills for this new era of computing. Turn your ideas into best practices during the workshops and meet people who can help you with that. You’ll learn what it means to build up a serverless-first mindset with numerous real-world examples and you can put them into practice in your company.


Show him that you’ve done your homework: Book your ticket by September 12 and save € 100

If you book your ticket by September 12, your boss will pay € 100 less on the early bird ticket. Plus, you will have an additional 10% discount for a group of 3 people or more.


Assure your boss that you will network with top industry experts

In addition to the valuable knowledge you will get from top-notch industry experts, you’ll also have the chance to connect and network with the people who are at the top of their career. Serverless Architecture Conference offers an expo reception and a networking event.

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