Serverless Expert Check 2019

Serverless Architecture Whitepaper

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16 experts from all over the world discuss how serverless is changing the way developers, operators, and administrators work.
Expand your knowledge with the help of our Serverless Architecture Whitepaper. Stay on top of the latest trends in the field of knative, kubernetes, serverless testing as well as their drawbacks and advantages.

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Serverless Expert Check 2019
Sixteen Serverless Experts weigh in on this year’s Number 1 Hype

Kubernetes as a multi-cloud operating system
Function-as-a-Service with AWS Lambda and Knative
by Patrick Arnold

Serverless Testing
Adapting Testing for Serverless Applications
by Avishai Shafir and Alex Sholem

Serverless drawbacks and advantages
Want to build a serverless data warehouse? These are the points to consider
by Emily Marchant