Serverless Whitepaper
Spring 2020

The time for
serverless is now!

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Serverless is changing the way how we develop applications and microservices. Expand your knowledge with the help of our Serverless Architecture Whitepaper. Stay on top of the latest trends in developing (secure) serverless applications with Knative or Quarkus and find out why Platform as a Service is such a great concept.

Whitepaper Content

First things first
Your first step towards serverless application development

Quarkus: Modernizing Java to keep pace in a cloud-native world
Scaling the modern app world

Why platform as a service is such a great model
Looking into the future of PaaS

The time for serverless is now – tips for getting started
If not now, when?

Building a data platform on Google Cloud Platform
Laying the groundwork for big data

Migrating big data workloads to Azure HDInsight –
Smoothing the path to the cloud with a plan

Strategies for big data migration

Cloud-Native DevOps
The driving force behind the digital transformation of
modern enterprises

Serverless Security
Basic considerations on the subject of serverless architecture security