• Renato Losio

    The Future of Relational Databases on the Cloud

    Renato Losio (Funambol)
    Luke Hedger

    Pioneering Serverless Payments at The LEGO Group

    Luke Hedger (The LEGO Group)
    Dirk Fröhner

    Integration and conversation patterns – SaaS & Micro-SaaS

    Dirk Fröhner (Amazon Web Services)
    Mete Atamel

    Serverless beyond functions

    Mete Atamel (Google)
    Sheen Brisals

    Sustainability in Serverless: What, Why, and How?

    Sheen Brisals (The LEGO Group)
    Lena Fuhrimann

    Workshop: Level Up Your Serverless Game — the Art of Writing and Deploying Serverless Applications

    Lena Fuhrimann (bespinian)