• Nikhil Barthwal

    The Pros and Cons of implementing Microservices as a serverless Application

    Nikhil Barthwal (Google)
    Erwin van Eyk

    Serverless Operations: from Development to Production

    Erwin van Eyk (Platform9)
    John McCabe

    OpenFaaS: keeping serverless simple

    John McCabe (Proofpoint, Inc.)
    Marcia Villalba

    Serverless Applications with GraphQL

    Marcia Villalba (Rovio)
    Niko Köbler

    Serverless Apps in a Multi-Cloud World

    Niko Köbler (www.n-k.de)
    Nikhil Barthwal

    Knative: essential Components for building serverless Applications on Kubernetes

    Nikhil Barthwal (Google)