• Eveline Sparreboom

    Reduce Manual Work and Costs by Resizing, Editing and Optimizing Images using Lambda@edge, S3 and Cloudfront

    Eveline Sparreboom (albelli)
    Nicole Yip

    Serverless Deployments with Canary – Creating DevOps Engineers at LEGO.com

    Nicole Yip (The LEGO Group)
    Milecia McGregor

    How Going Serverless Changed our DevOps Operations

    Milecia McGregor (Flipped Coding)
    Sheen Brisals

    Serverless Patterns Made Simple with Real-World Use Cases

    Sheen Brisals (The LEGO Group)
    Till Kahlbrock

    AWS Workshop: Delivering Modern Production-Ready Apps with Amazon Web Services

    Till Kahlbrock (superluminar GmbH)