• Sheen Brisals

    Architectural Patterns in the Serverless Journey of shop.LEGO.com

    Sheen Brisals (LEGO)
    Till Kahlbrock

    AWS-Workshop: Delivering Modern Production ready Serverless Apps [SOLD OUT]

    Till Kahlbrock (superluminar GmbH)
    Mikhail Shilkov

    Azure-Workshop: Serverless Infrastructure as Code

    Mikhail Shilkov (Freelancer)
    Matthias Wessendorf

    Modern event-driven Workloads with Knative

    Andreas Grimm

    Practical Auth in a Serverless World

    Andreas Grimm (Akelius GmbH)
    Christian Weyer

    Pragmatic Serverless Microservices – with Azure Functions and Co.

    Christian Weyer (Thinktecture)