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Session: Architectural Patterns in the Serverless Journey of | Sheen Brisals

Feb 25, 2020

In his session at Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 in Berlin Sheen Brisals shares his experience with Serverless and explains how he and his Shopper Engagement Technology team at LEGO migrated the legacy monolith eCommerce platform onto a cloud based solution on AWS.

Serverless – is it yet another buzzword? Is it real? Is it for big corporations? Or is it for everyone? Where can we find answers to such questions? Well, the best way to answer such concerns is to simply talk about your serverless experience and take the audience through the journey you have been through! And that is exactly what this talk is about.
The Shopper Engagement Technology team at LEGO has been busy migrating the legacy monolith eCommerce platform onto a cloud based solution on AWS. This employs serverless and managed services at its core within an agile development process. In this talk Sheen Brisals will share the experience of the team, going through some of the architectural patterns and serverless best practices employed during this journey.

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