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Session: Bottlenecks in Serverless Applications | Hen Peretz

Feb 4, 2020

In his session at Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 in Berlin Hen Peretz talks about Bottlenecks in Serverless Applications.

Managed services have become a main part of modern cloud applications. Utilizing existing services via APIs provides developers with great flexibility and velocity. However, the significant reliance on these services, which you have no control over, puts your application’s performance and costs in danger.

In recent years, managed SaaS services, usually consumed via APIs, have become extremely popular. They also provide developers and system architects with ways to build more robust applications. With the growth of serverless applications, APIs have become even more useful, due to the limited resources and running time of the serverless functions, which sometimes forces you to pick an existing service. However, these services have their own behaviour, running time and latency, which in many cases greatly affects the overall performance of your own applications. Moreover, in pay-per-use environments which many people like these days, the implications can be huge – a slowness in a managed service can cause you to end up with an inflated cloud bill.

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