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Simplifying Cloud-Native Engineering and Accelerating Digital Innovation with a Digital PaaS

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Apr 22, 2022

Serverless Architecture Conference 2022 in The Hague has been a blast with a lot of amazing speakers! One of them was Eric Newcomer (WSO2), who has more than 35 years of industry experience. We've recorded his keynote talk to offer you a few glimpses of the Conference.

Great digital experiences rely on intuitive UIs and cloud-native APIs. Customers expect streamlined, simple experiences that are always on and responsive regardless of the load – all of which is provided by cloud-native technologies and best practices. But you need an “opinionated” Digital Platform as a Service (DPaaS) to innovate fast and shrink the time it takes to deliver new digital applications.
Learn more about what an opinionated DPaaS should be – from diagrammatic “flow-code” and pro-code support for productivity to automated multi-stage CI/CD cloud deployment, security, and lifecycle management – and how it not only helps you build and deploy trusted digital applications faster but also get the customer feedback essential for continuous innovation.




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