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Azure-Workshop: Serverless Infrastructure as Code [SOLD OUT]

AWS-Workshop: Delivering Modern Production ready Serverless Apps [SOLD OUT]

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The Serverless First Mindset

HTTP headers: serverless programming for the network

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Practical Auth in a Serverless World

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High Performance APIs through Caching

Architectural Patterns in the Serverless Journey of

Serverless for Startups

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Modern event-driven Workloads with Knative

A Serverless State of Mind.

Applying Chaos Engineering to build resilient Serverless Applications

Driving more business with an integrated platform and Event driven APIs

How to use probabilistic inference programming for application orchestration in serverless architectures

Bottlenecks in Serverless Applications

A startup like way of integrating Serverless Framework, API Gateway and Message Queue to handle WebHooks for 3rd-party Services

Playing with Fire: Build a Web Application with Firebase

Little Learning Actions for Better Feedback

Exploratory Testing on Computer Interfaces (APIs)

Monitoring Serverless Applications on AWS: the Monitoring Monster becomes your Friend

CI/CD in Serverless Application

Build a powerful Recommendation Engine using AWS Rekognition and Serverless in 72 hours