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A Serverless State of Mind.

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Thank you for attending
✓ See you in 2021!
Thank you for attending
✓ See you in 2021!
Thank you for attending
✓ See you in 2021!
Tuesday, October 15 2019
18:00 - 19:00
Salon 4

Contrary to the current narrative, serverless is not at its core a technology—it’s an approach to development that delivers true business value. Serverless is a mindset. It’s the direction modern software teams choose to go in rather than a destination they stop at. In this talk, Stackery’s Ecosystems Director, Farrah Campbell, will define what the “serverless state of mind” means to her, her road to get there, and how she uses this mindset as a compass to guide decision-making for both personal and professional goals. From unlocking a better development workflow to furthering career growth and satisfaction, we can all benefit from adopting a serverless state of mind.

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