Serverless Architecture Conference
April 20 – 22, 2020 | The Hague Netherlands


To unleash the potential of serverless technologies you need to re-think the way you design your applications. Learn how to adapt your architecture to Function as a Service (FaaS)!




Serverless Architecture & Design

When it comes to serverless technologies, even experienced software architects need to re-think many things; serverless architecture patterns and best practices can be quite different from traditional backend technologies. In this track, you’ll learn what it means to build up a serverless-first mindset with numerous real-world examples.

Track Speakers

Holger Reinhardt

Holger Reinhardt

Haufe Group
Marius Zaharia

Marius Zaharia

Société Générale
Matthias Biehl

Matthias Biehl
Hen Peretz

Hen Peretz

Zamira Jaupaj

Zamira Jaupaj

Pawel Piwosz

Pawel Piwosz

Epam Systems
Sheen Brisals

Sheen Brisals

The LEGO Group

Track Sessions

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Architecture Conference 2020

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