Serverless Architecture Conference
April 20 – 22, 2020 | The Hague Netherlands


Developing software for serverless platforms can boost your productivity beyond all measure. Learn how to bring JavaScript, Java, C# & Co. to Function as a Service (FaaS)!




Serverless Development

Serverless platforms allow you to continue developing with familiar programming languages such as Java, C# or JavaScript. However, a plethora of new tools come into play, cloud APIs have to be learned and best practices internalized. The sessions of this track use a lot of code to teach you how to successfully develop state-of-the-art serverless applications.

Track Speakers

Rainer Stropek

Rainer Stropek

software architects/
Vadym Kazulkin

Vadym Kazulkin

ip.labs GmbH
Sheen Brisals

Sheen Brisals

The LEGO Group

Track Sessions

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