Mastering Serverless: Operations & Security Unveiled

Join the Serverless Operations and Security track to navigate the operational intricacies and security challenges of serverless environments. Learn effective operational management strategies and delve into implementing robust security measures to safeguard serverless functions and resources.


Serverless Operations & Security

Learn from Industry Leaders about:

  • Secure your Serverless Architecture: Explore security, performance, and tenant isolation using serverless services like Cognito and DynamoDB.
  • Authorization & Authentication Techniques: Implement fine-grained authorization, authentication, and compliance standards to fortify serverless applications.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Scalability: Utilize Kafka for real-time alerts in serverless ecosystems, manage scaling with Knative, AWS Lambda, and Azure Functions, and implement platform engineering principles for robust cloud operations.
  • Serverless Operations and Service Quotas: Understand and manage service quotas across various serverless services for hyper-scalability and operational efficiency.
  • Incident Management and Monitoring: Implement effective incident management strategies, utilize monitoring tools like AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor, and ensure rapid response and resolution for serverless applications.
  • CI/CD for Serverless Applications: Integrate continuous integration and continuous deployment practices tailored for serverless environments, ensuring seamless and automated updates to serverless applications.

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