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Playing with Fire : Build a Web Application with Firebase

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Thank you for attending
✓ See you next time!
Thank you for attending
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Thank you for attending
✓ See you in 2021!
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Firebase Workshop

Come see how easy it can be to use Google Firebase to take your app idea from concept to production using a Serverless platform. In this workshop you will build your own Serverless web application, start to finish. While building this web app you will learn about many Firebase features, including:

* Firestore
* Cloud Functions
* Cloud Storage
* Hosting
* Authentication
* Security Rules
* Client and Admin SDK

Code will be in JavaScript & Node.js from a git repository, so please be prepared to start coding. You will also need a Google account to sign in to Firebase.

This Session Diese Session Take me to the current program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von The Hague Den Haag or oder Berlin Berlin .
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