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Azure Cloud Workshop: Developing Serverless Functions in Microsoft’s Cloud

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✓ See you in 2021!
Thank you for attending
✓ See you in 2021!
Thank you for attending
✓ See you in 2021!
Thank you for attending
✓ See you in 2021!
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Azure Cloud Workshop

Microsoft offers Function Apps to build event-driven, serverless microservices in the Azure cloud. In this workshop you will learn how to build platform-independent serverless Azure functions with .NET Core. Your host Rainer Stropek is a long-time Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. His team at software architects has been using Function Apps for years. Therefore, he doesn’t just teach theory, but also provides valuable practical tips.

Topics covered in the workshop include Function Apps basics, triggers and bindings, CI/CD, long-running durable functions, function proxies, discussion of security-related questions (e.g. functions in VNets, authentication), and many other topics. Rainer will only show a few slides – the majority of the workshop consists of building a larger end-to-end sample.

Modern, cloud-native apps are no monoliths anymore. They are split up into microservices that are working together using events. Developers do not have to care too much about servers and scaling. The underlying cloud infrastructure provides the necessary resources automatically and you pay for what you really use. In this workshop, you learn what Microsoft’s Azure Cloud can offer in terms of serverless microservices.

Rainer Stropek will start the workshop by introducing Azure App Service, the foundation of serverless functions in Azure. Based on that, you will learn some basics about Azure Functions. Don’t worry, we will not just scratch the surface. We will go beyond Hello World and check out how Azure Functions work behind the scenes.

After we covered the basics, we will develop a larger sample step-by-step. Rainer brings the relevant code snippets so that we can focus on the cloud and serverless aspects instead of having to spend too much time writing code. The code samples in this workshop will be written in C# using the Open Source, cross-platform version of .NET. The sample that Rainer will build with you is a simplified traffic monitoring solution recognizing license plates of cars using a LPR (license-plate recognition) service in the cloud. Processing of the license plates will be split up in microservices and involve humans, too.

In this workshop, Rainer assumes that you have good knowledge about basic principles of software development (i.e. you can at least read code in C-like languages like Java or C#). Additionally, you should be familiar with principles of web development (basic understanding of web servers, HTTP, JSON etc.).

If you want to follow along, make sure to bring your laptop. You will need an Azure subscription in which you can create resources. Additionally, you need to have the latest version of Visual Studio with the Web Development workload installed. Finally, you have to sign up for https://www.openalpr.com/ because this service will be used in our sample (free plan is sufficient). However, if you are just interested in the concepts and you are not used to writing code and/or working with Azure, you can follow along by watching Rainer on the video beamer. It is not absolutely necessary to try every step on your own computer.

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