Serverless Architecture Conference | April 20 - 22, 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands
Mastering Cloud Native Architectures, the Kubernetes Ecosystem and Functions

Azure Cloud Workshop: Developing Serverless Functions in Microsoft’s Cloud

Until December 19
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Azure Cloud Workshop

Microsoft offers Function Apps to build event-driven, serverless microservices in the Azure cloud. In this workshop you will learn how to build platform-independent serverless Azure functions with .NET Core. Your host Rainer Stropek is a long-time Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. His team at software architects has been using Function Apps for years. Therefore, he doesn’t just teach theory, but also provides valuable practical tips.

Topics covered in the workshop include Function Apps basics, triggers and bindings, CI/CD, long-running durable functions, function proxies, discussion of security-related questions (e.g. functions in VNets, authentication), and many other topics. Rainer will only show a few slides – the majority of the workshop consists of building a larger end-to-end sample.

Attendees should have at least basic knowledge about C# and .NET. Existing Azure experience is not required.

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