Serverless Architecture Conference | April 20 - 22, 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands
Mastering Cloud Native Architectures, the Kubernetes Ecosystem and Functions

Pragmatic Serverless Microservices – with Azure Functions and Co.

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Wednesday, October 16 2019
15:30 - 16:30

Why does it have to be serverless versus microservices? Couldn’t it be rather be microservices with serverless? Based on some of the well-accepted principles of microservices, we can use serverless architectures and technologies to build highly focused microservices – which we might call nanoservices. Christian Weyer will show you a pragmatic approach how to build nanoservices in Azure with Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage and friends. Join him to see serverless Azure in action, with .NET Core, JavaScript and Java – beyond the typical functions as a service examples.

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