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Operations Anti-Patterns: 3 reasons why automation is a total failure when operating serverless functions and what to do about it.

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Until conference starts:
✓ 2-in-1 conference package
✓ Team discount
✓ Extra specials for freelancers

There are a plethora of automated systems available to Devops/Engineers and SREs that provides meaningful dashboards, alerts and extremely efficient RCAs with laser precision.
Although it’s hard to choose the right one for you. You cannot go wrong with the choice as all of them are extremely good at managing services.
And they all fail miserably when it comes to managing serverless functions.
Blame the people not, the system not, the vendor not, the functions not, the network not…
Blame automation. And Yes, you heard it right. Even if a point-in-time optimization is introduced through automation it can become outdated quickly due to constantly changing & unpredictable traffic loads and changes in the serverless function code base with every new release.
You cannot just stay automated and assume you’ll win this game. You need to think beyond automation…
Serverless functions can only be managed with autonomous systems and not with automated systems…
You need to let autonomous systems step in, so you can step up and win this game.

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