Serverless Architecture Conference | April 20 - 22, 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands
Mastering Cloud Native Architectures, the Kubernetes Ecosystem and Functions

Pawel Piwosz

Pawel Piwosz
Until March 19
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Pawel Piwosz

Epam Systems

I have computers around me for very long time. My first contact was when I was less than 10 years old, so it gives more than 30 years. Professionally I am involved in IT industry for over 20 years. I used to work for big companies, and small startups. Currently I am working at Epam as Lead Systems Engineer, and helping the organization to grow DevOps practices. Also, I am leading the **DevOps Community Poland** and I am a member of **BIRD** (Be In Real DevOps) movement.

I strongly believe in “DevOps in Agile way”, there is no real DevOps practices without Agile.

My main focus these days is self development. I am devoted to containers, clouds, serverless, CI/CD, automation tools and monitoring, and I am helping people to understand DevOps.

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