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Mastering Cloud Native Architectures, Serverless Development and Functions


Adapting Testing for Serverless Applications

There’s no doubt about it, testing serverless applications is a difficult job. Although the fundamental principles you’re familiar with from traditional architectures remain the same, the fact that your application exists entirely in the cloud and consists of a whole host of managed services tied together by your code, requires an entirely new testing paradigm.

All you need to know about terraform

Experts Michael Bruns and René Lengwinat summarize how to manage infrastructure as code in our “All you need to know about Terraform” infographic. They also show how to build and dismantle infrastructure, create helpful modules, and improve project collaboration.

Top 5 reasons to attend Serverless Architecture Conference

So you’ve decided to attend Serverless Architecture Conference but you don’t know how to break it to your boss that it is a win-win situation. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow four simple steps and use these 5 arguments to show why your organization needs to invest in Serverless Architecture Conference!

“Expect serverless to become more mainstream”

Serverless is a hotly discussed topic right now, and it seems to mean different things to different people. We caught up with Lee Atchison, Senior Director, Cloud Architecture at New Relic to discuss what serverless means to him, how it’s changing the way applications are developed and what implications serverless could have for infrastructure in the future.

GraphQL, Serverless and the Cloud-native State of the Art

Serverless is without a question a very hyped topic in the tech industry right now. At the Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 in The Hague we talked to Marcia Villalba, Full Stack Editor at Rovio, about the Status Quo of Serverless and why GraphQL fits so perfectly in this concept.

“Serverless is unlikely to completely remove the need for system administrators or operators”

Is serverless eating the world? Or at least some containers? Well, let’s start at the beginning. We talked to Erwin van Eyk, software engineer at Platform9, about what serverless really is and how it will and already does change the daily work-life of developers and operators. Our expert also gave us some insight on how the scalability features of serverless are reducing the costs of running applications and if they are, from a financial perspective, unbeatable.

Distributed Tracing: Modern Debugging in Times of Serverless

As Serverless is on the rise, the art of debugging and tracing is changing, too, as well as the day to day work life of developers and admins. At the Serverless Architecture Conference 2019 in The Hague we talked to Billie Thompson, cloud-native consultant at Armakuni, about how Serverless is affecting the IT industry and how tracing is done in the times of Serverless.
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