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Keynote: What APIs Can and Cannot Do | Erik Wilde

APIs have become an essential ingredient of Digital Transformation and other initiatives to modernize IT and organizations. However, while APIs are an essential ingredient, they are not everything you need, and thus only focusing on APIs may lead to disappointment when expectations are running too high. In short, APIs are necessary for improving organizational fitness, but they are not sufficient. The hard work of changing an organization also has to happen in other areas than in the technical infrastructure.

The Serverless First Mindset

Approaching problems with a serverless first mindset means rethinking, re-architecting, and rethinking again. Serverless isn’t just FaaS, it isn’t just about the cloud. How can you build a model for thinking serverless and practice applying it? We've asked an expert about it.

Serverless is power

Why is Serverless so powerful and why is it especially profitable for start-ups to use this new technology approach? And are there actually situations in which serverless is simply not lucrative?

Adapting Testing for Serverless Applications

There’s no doubt about it, testing serverless applications is a difficult job. Although the fundamental principles you’re familiar with from traditional architectures remain the same, the fact that your application exists entirely in the cloud and consists of a whole host of managed services tied together by your code, requires an entirely new testing paradigm.

All you need to know about terraform

Experts Michael Bruns and René Lengwinat summarize how to manage infrastructure as code in our “All you need to know about Terraform” infographic. They also show how to build and dismantle infrastructure, create helpful modules, and improve project collaboration.
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