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“Serverless is unlikely to completely remove the need for system administrators or operators”

Is serverless eating the world? Or at least some containers? Well, let’s start at the beginning. We talked to Erwin van Eyk, software engineer at Platform9, about what serverless really is and how it will and already does change the daily work-life of developers and operators. Our expert also gave us some insight on how the scalability features of serverless are reducing the costs of running applications and if they are, from a financial perspective, unbeatable.

Serverless workloads on Kubernetes with Knative

Serverless is a buzzword that everybody seems to be talking about nowadays. You may like the term or not, but the important thing here is what it describes. In a nutshell, Serverless means the application's scale is constantly adapted to ensure that you always have the exact amount of resources you currently need available. In case of doubt, this may even mean: none at all! For you as a user, this means that you always pay only for the capacity you need to provide a response to the queries to your application. If there are no users or requests, you pay nothing at all.
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