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The cloud has many faces

For anyone dealing with the topic of the cloud, Kubernetes is a household name. But if you ask about other cloud platforms, it gets more difficult. In this article, we’ll take a look at using Cloud Foundry as an alternative, and find out if it holds a candle to Kubernetes.

Application Management with AWS Proton – Part 2

Managing hundreds, or sometimes thousands of microservices with constantly changing configurations for CI/CD chains is a nearly impossible task for many platform teams. The following article takes a closer look at AWS Proton, a fully managed service for rolling out container and serverless applications. The first part of this article series was on application management with AWS Proton, and provided an initial overview of the service and the different views of infrastructure and application in the context of Proton. In the second part, we will focus more on technical aspects, especially templates.

Application Management with AWS Proton – Part 1

Managing hundreds - or sometimes even thousands - of microservices with constantly changing configurations for CI/CD chains is for many platform teams nearly impossible. This article takes a closer look at AWS Proton, a fully managed service for deploying container and serverless applications. The first part of this series provides an overview of the service; the second part will take a look at the technical details.

Architectures for cloud solutions

Cloud applications have been the talk of the town for several years now. Especially when it comes to cost reduction and more efficient use of available resources, the cloud is hard to beat. Its true potential only becomes apparent when cloud-optimized architectures and design patterns are used. This enables stable software to be developed and complex requirements to be broken down into small, manageable solutions. But this advantage comes at a price. Questions start to arise like: "How can services communicate with each other when systems fail?" and "How do I deal with peak loads?"

Keynote: Why local development for serverless is an anti-pattern | Gareth McCumskey

It’s been a few weeks since we wrapped up another great edition of the Serverless Architecture Conference but we still remember the amazing talks! One of them was Gareth McCumskey's keynote, “Why local development for serverless is an anti-pattern”, where he argues that in the serverless community, there is no need to waste a lot of time and effort building an environment that is a replica of the cloud. 

The Battle of the Clouds

Today’s data landscape is overflowing with complex and sophisticated architectures, which can help you dynamically customize your digital ecosystem according to your project requirements and needs. Unfortunately, managing complex cloud architectures can be a difficult task, especially if you are trained to use one cloud vendor and not any of the others. Database as a Service (DBaaS) offerings can help you fill this gap. DBaaS models provide cloud users with managed database offerings. This article reviews DBaaS models offered by the top three cloud vendors—AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

With AWS Lambda to Multicloud

In the future, many companies will try to grow their IT infrastructure with the help of the cloud or even move it completely to the cloud. Larger enterprises often call for multicloud. In terms of serverless, there are a few ways to achieve multicloud operation. Using AWS Lambda, a function can be made available and the whole thing can be made cloud-independent with Knative.

Serverless, not Headless!

Serverless architectures are the next step in the evolution of cloud services. The first attempts at walking with them are easy. However, you should know the stumbling blocks in order to be able to avoid them. This article presents the typical challenges with corresponding possible solutions.
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